Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Secrets

Do you guys remember Sweet Secrets? I know as a girl I liked anything that folded up into something else! Sweet Secrets transformed from girly things like jewelry and make up into little dolls. Perfection.You had to unfold the doll's arms and legs and head out, and voila!
There was also a jewelry box that transformed into a dollhouse, a phone that turned into a nursery and a brush that you could use that turned into a little bed. A few years ago they re-released Sweet Secrets, but made them fit into lipstick tubes and what not. I prefer these older rounded ones. Cute.
A baby sweet secret in a baby buggy

Here is the little secret purse and other accessories!
Here is the hair dryer!
Here is the little vanity mirror!
and the make up!
The compact!

Can't tell what this is- is it the jewelry box?

Okay, here is the jewelry box!

Cute, huh!I don't remember this from back then.

The commercials are awesome: Her brother is like, Come on sis! And she has a secret! shhh!