Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer in the 80s

Excited that summer is almost here!

I have the best memories of summer here in California. A lot of going to the beach (Zuma, in Malibu) with my family and family friends. A lot of playing in the ocean, sand being tracked home via the car and ourselves. Popsicles. Lots of ice-cream-man chasing, and fireworks on Fourth of July being set off at friends' houses— totally dangerous ones that would have blown our faces off probably, but the parents still let us handle them, as they sat back and drank beer. 

Lots of swimming because it was very often 90 degrees or higher. We swam at the local public pools, friend’s houses. A lot of BBQs where people ate burgers and hot dogs and drank cold sodas (beer for parents.) Sat around on Saturday mornings watching cartoons and eating cereal. We played in the yard all day, in the sprinklers much of the time, on the grass. We had water balloon fights with the kids on the street. Went camping: sometimes out in a tent in the backyard, just for fun. We had sleepovers with our friends.  Played with Cabbage Patch Kids, played house, crank/prank called people, rang door bells and ran (ding dong ditch.) Spent the day in a swimsuit, with the smell of chlorine and sunblock on our bodies. 

I spent many summers with my friends Erin, Tamar, Liz, Paul and Nate & Dan. We had this rush of excitement: the fact that there was no school was the greatest, and then the fact that we could possibly have sleepovers if we begged our parents hard enough? Nothing better.

Hope you all have a great summer this year!