Saturday, March 25, 2017

Respect: How to Get it

And now for some of my thoughts on ladies, gentlemen and respect...

I don't feel like guys respect me. How do I behave like a "lady"?

First off, by being offended at things in which a lady would. If a man assumes you are going to sleep with him immediately and makes a move in that direction: Be offended. In front of him. Why? Because he is assuming you are not a lady and that you would gladly get down with him. Guys are talking about disgusting s*xual things in front of you? Be offended. Why? Because they are assuming you don’t mind. Would they do this in front of their mothers or sisters? Probably not. Basically, any rude thing you let pass is showing people you don’t mind it. Think of things and actions a true lady WOULD mind. Be offended by those things and don’t be afraid to let people know it.

What is a gentleman, exactly?

Let’s see. A gentleman of course opens doors (car doors also) for ladies. He stands when a woman enters the room. If a woman is holding heavy items or has a lot of bags, he tries to help her (some women these days might be offended at all of this, because they find it sexist). He looks people in the eye, he has a firm handshake, he has good table manners, he picks up the check (ideally— not necessary.) He is well dressed, he has good posture. He is a good host (makes sure people have their cocktails, food; introduces people to each other.) The assists the elderly and gives up his seat for them on public transportation. He defends the honor of those who can’t do it for themselves (if a man is threatening a woman, he steps in and takes over.)

People have no problem putting me down. Why is this happening?

The only way to get it to stop is to not accept it. The only way it can even happen, is if you do not put a stop to it. You are letting it happen to you, unless you stand up for yourself. It can be uncomfortable to do so, and many people want to avoid that confrontation, so they allow it. So you would have to make a change.  It starts by you looking someone dead in the eye and cocking your head to one side and saying “Did I just hear you correctly?” and goes from there...

Until next time