Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rude People: What To Do

Going to answer some questions on rude behavior today. Here we go!

How do you deal with rude people?
I usually cut them off and make a big production.
Them: **Rude statement** followed by other words
Me: “BOOOOOP” (makes sound of truck backing up) Back up. Baaaack up. Did you just say (repeat rude statement)? Am I understanding this correctly? Was this just said? You must’ve meant that wrong because I thought I just heard you say (repeat rude statement again.)
Them: “I just meant that—”
Me: Well you have a great way of saying it. That is something else. Wow.
Other times it is not socially acceptable to be as buck wild. You have to take them aside afterward or write them an email. And say “I think I am taking this wrong, I hope I am— but you just said _______….Did you mean to say that? Because that is totally disrespectful and rude. But I know you are not like that, so I must be taking this wrong….You will normally get an apology right away.

One of my former close friends at school told everyone I am stalking her! What do I do? And why did she do this to me?

Oh hell no. You need to ghost this girl now. Just be gone. No contact.
Next step: Act like you don’t care, hold your head high at school. If someone says “I heard you are stalking “ ____” say,
“Who?” and stare at them and let there be an awkward silence.
Rinse and repeat. Just keep acting like you have no idea who that even is. If someone really gets aggressive and tries to call you out for being a stalker, say “If I were a stalker, I would as sure as sh*t not be stalking *her*. I would pick someone more interesting. Please.”
Do not talk to your friend anymore until this clears up. Cut her off. Girls have a hard time being friends in threes— they always want it to be two people, and your old friend chose the other girl, probably because she is shiny and new. BUT: Best believe, your old friend and other girl will get into a falling out at one point, and your old friend will try to come running back to you.

Why are people so rude these days? It seems out of control. People don't even give up their seat on public transportation any more!

People raised with very strict parents in the 1950s, grew up and went way easier on their kids. Didn't teach them the old school manners. such as giving up your seat. I’ll bet many of these young adults have never even heard of that. Since the 80s, more women work (and rightfully so, no shade here) and are not with their kids to yell at them when they are rude. When I grew up, (raised by the people who had strict parents in the 50s) I was taught nothing about manners. My parents were rebelling against the formalities of their parents. I was never taught about giving up your seat to the elderly/disabled, etc on a bus or train, let alone much of anything else. Had I not sought out this information for myself, I would have not known to teach my son to offer his seat. And I suspect this is how many in my generation have become. The kids I grew up with in the 70s and 80s stayed home alone because they had two working parents, or they came from broken and chaotic families, where manners had fallen to the wayside. Then true manners started to phase out when those kids (and I) grew up and had children. Just my thought.