Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 I am so obsessed with The Mods! Why? Well, because my cool, young aunt had them in her playhouse when she was a kid in the sixties, and the playhouse was still there when I played at my grandparents house in the 80's. There were these awesome decals on the wall, just like the two above- but there was also a brunette and many groovy flowers. I loved those decals- they were huge and colorful and mysterious. Thus, they became an obsession of mine in later years: Who were they? What company made them? Who was the artist? I am weird like that, I need to know everything about something I like, it becomes an obsession.

 There were different versions of The Mods- and of "Big Eye" art in general(namely by the artist Keane,) all of it is usually seen as "kitsch" which really means "I know this is tacky, but I like it in an ironic, hipster way." Not me, I really like like The Mods. The version I am in love with is by the artist "Lee," not sure of the first name, but that is what is signed on the artwork. They were mainly printed on puzzles for Milton Bradley and the exact year was 1967 from what I have found as far as trademarks go.
The Mods had these still faces that were looking directly toward you, but their bodies were often grooving out to tunes

Here is the puzzle box- you can get these on ebay and etsy
 Here is another Lee drawing- it it so fantastic! And so groovy!
 Girl on the phone?! How cute! (I have that phone in pink and I love it)

A groovy boy rocking out!

A groovy couple rocking out- loving the outfits and accessories

Girl on guitar..
 Here are the paper dolls they came out with- I would say this was 66 or 67
Inside the box
I love that the clothes are shaped to the "dancing" bodies
 Here are some other little thingies on Etsy
Okay, I couldn't get a clearer pic of these, but they were paintings and I am not certain they were by Lee- This is where the confusion comes in with different versions. They look very similar, but something is off- their mouths aren't slightly opened like the Lee ones, which all have the same parted lips.

 No parted lips...but still cute
 Some more

And some more- these were a little more crude, although still cute.
 And here is yet another version someone did- I can't see the signature at the bottom, but it is a longer name.
 Okay, so, THESE were by an artist called Pete Hawley, who moonlighted under the name KWATZ for some reason- he did more puzzle images for Milton Bradley. They are in similar poses, but they don't have that haunting quality, that special grooviness. They were, however, still fun and sharp and colorful, so I do like them.
 Here they are up close...

I knew there was something I liked about this Pete Hawley stuff, and it was the fact that he did the artwork for many of the valentines I received in the 80's, like the one below. If I find more, I will put them up!