Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake

You knew it was a matter of time before I put some vintage Strawberry Shortcake up- I thought it would be a huge undertaking where I would need to list all of the characters (I still might do that at some point). So let's talk about good old Strawberry: She was on greeting cards before becoming a toy.

Love that packaging! All of the Strawberry Shortcake line of dolls had good smelling hair that matched their dessert names. They also each had a little pet with some sort of a desserty name. Most of the dolls had tights and cute little shoes and hats- Lets take a look at all of the Strawberryland products too (by Kenner)- all of us 80s girls were mad for these toys. They were rounded and were in Valentine's day colors. We were so sold!

I had this bake shoppe- you could push the table down into the ground in order to close up the case. There were little pies and crusts and plastic ice cream scoops- it was a great toy.

Here is the carrying case..

This is some sort of a Merry Bug- I cant see the name...

You could also collect little plastic figurines and keep them in this cute case...
There was a big house called the Berry Happy Home and you could buy separate furniture...

Berry Happy Home
Here is the home from the front, along with the Big Berry Trolley, the Garden House Gazebo and the Merry Berry Worm.

 Heres the garden house...

and a 1980 halloween costume...

Here is the evil Purple Pieman! He smelled like cinnamon apple pie!
I always loved the shoes! Lets look at a few pair!
My favorites...
Box for the Merry Berry Worm
A sh*tload of cute dolls in candy colors!

I am going to start gathering pictures and names of each'll bug me if I dont!

Ok..I'm back. Here they are:
Almond Tea and Marza Panda

Angel Cake and Souffle

Apple Dumplin' and Tea Time Turtle

Baby Apricot and Hopsalot

Banana Twirl and Banana Berrykin

Blueberry Muffin

Cafe Ole and Burrito...Nice Sombrero there folks...
Butter Cookie and Jelly Bear

Cherry Cuddler and Gooseberry

Crepe Suzzette and Eclair representing France

And starring Huckleberry Pie as the token boy

Lem n' Ada with Sugarwoofer

Lemon Meringue
Lime Chiffon and Parfait Parrot

Mint Tulep and Marsh Mallard representin' the Netherlands

Orange Blossom and marmalade, representing the Sistas- yeah, I said it

Peach Blush

Plumb Pudding and some animal, representing us nerds
Raspberry Tart (missing Rhubarb)

Sour Grapes Bitches!
And this one is for Ronni, who lead me to a picture of ESCARGOT and the snail cart! I cant believe I forgot this, because I actually still HAVE mine in the garage!

Thanks girl!