Monday, June 20, 2011

Liddle Kiddles are the sh*t

All right, call me crazy folks, but I am obsessed with these little two inch dolls from the 1960's. First of all, the are really colorful and cute and second and most important, they are inside neat things like lollipops and perfume bottles! *Screeches* I played with these when I was really little, I got a few cast offs in the early seventies and I was smitten. Want to look at some with me? Yay! Okay!

These are the "Kologne" kiddles. I had one of of these, the one with the green hair, Apple Blossom. There was a rosebud one, a honeysuckle one, a sweet pea one and a lily of the valley one!
Dont know the name of this cute blue one...

Sweet Pea!

Lily of the Valley!


Ok, then there are these LOCKET ones! I have a few of these at my house and I LOVE them. Look at these:
 Aren't they neato?

 A little carry case if you were a baller...

Packaging alert! I love toy packaging!

An ice cream cone!

I know. I'm crazy...stop looking at me like that...=)