Sunday, October 3, 2010

80's Time Capsule Opened...

I have a little Hello Kitty chest of drawers about eight inches high by eight inches wide- and would you believe that I haven't touched the stuff in it since..well..1985? It just things from my girlhood desk and my room- the usual stash of erasers, pencils, stickers and gum wrappers. The thing above the music note eraser is a shrinky dink ring that is upside down.
I was into Garfield of course, and I remember liking those little hello kitty record stickers so much that I never used them! They were too special. And here they are! That little compact with a candy cane on it was peppermint lipgloss, but I used to talk into it like I was a spy.

Check out the green paint splattered earring! And that plastic cookie opens to a little tin of brown lipgloss that smelled just like cookies. It still smells good, actually.
These things were my hopscotch markers- except that teensy pencil- it would've rolled...
And this tiny Triple Yan Yan pack of pencils was my pride and joy. They hung on the end of an oversized pencil as a charm or something. I must've spent hours staring at that little case in school.