Monday, August 23, 2010

Crazy Ass Couture

I don't know why I am salivating over couture pictures today, but I have been falling in love with all of this crazy stuff and wasting my time- I am supposed to be doing a re-write on something and I am lagging. Okay, so, just so you know- I am not a clothes horse. I don't even own many clothes and the ones I do are primarily from J. Crew. I don't have some big huge designer shoe or purse collection. I have one good leather bag, some LaCoste polos and a few great cocktail dresses. I don't clothes "shop" for no reason. That isn't me. With all that being said, can we please look at these beautiful and insane haute couture concoctions!? The one above is Valentino, who is always AWESOME when it comes to gowns!



Dior Resort 2011


La Croix



Dior - Look at that hat!

More Christian Dior Resort Collection Spring/Summer 2011!- Love this collection. I was gasping at it for a good 15 minutes earlier today which is why I had to slap it on here for you guys.

All right. Out of my system. (deep sigh.)
All right.