Monday, June 14, 2010



One of the greatest girls toys from the 1980's was definitely Charmkins. First things first: They smelled good. They were named after flowers and plants (always a good thing to have a theme) and they were tiny. Girls love teeny tiny things. Aside from all of that goodness, they were little charms that were attached to jewelry like rings and barrettes! Let's look at some Charmkins...

Johhny Jump up!

My sister had this one, Brown Eyed Susan. It was the only Charmkin in my house and I was devastated that it didn't belong to ME. Friend of ours had Charmkins- it seemed every girl we knew had one or two at least. I admired them from afar.
Brown eyed susan came with this little clip and ribbon. Cute, huh?
And here is anohter beautiful one, Morning Glory. I would have cut a bitch for this one...

 Let's look at some more!

 Sunny Bunch and Honey Bunch, the twins!
 Are these not so cute? None of these pics are mine, FYI, so kudos to these collections...
Sweet Bea!

Lil Tulip!

Here is the Whippoorwill birdie on a ring...this is really cute
Sweet Beth!


 Lady Slipper!

Willie Winkle!

Here is one of the jewelry box/houses, the Whippoorwill Flower Mill, and below is the packaging

Another jewelry box/house!
Here is the beautiful little ..whatever this is- display ferris wheel flower? One of you lucky girls who owned this can set me straight and let me know.

These little pocketpops are really cool- they are kind of like Polly Pockets. This one is called lollipop garden, and the one above it is an apple orchard!

And last but not least the cartoon- which I do not remember. But I had to pay tribute to Charmkins!
Charmkins cartoon:

and some Charmkins packaging: