Friday, June 18, 2010


I am continuing with my theme of pretty sweets. Look at these candies! Or are they bars of some sort? I don't even know, but they look very charming.

Wow! This candy is so darling!

I have a major weakness for truffles, simply because they are cute little round balls.

Salt water taffy is so pale and innocent and just delightful to look at

But it sticks in your teeth- so don't eat it. I used to buy it for my boy on Balboa Island in Newport.
Oooh! Don't know how these would taste, but they look so whimsical!

Are these cupcakes or tiny candies? I don't know, but this color scheme has me hooked.

One of my favorite candies is peppermint sticks, even though I hate red. There is something about red and white stripes.

Are these little Petit Fours? Or Candy? They are just lovely.

Again with the feminine, pretty colors

And now we are moving on to bright colors. Here are Dots- which always leave something to be desired, but look neat.

Visually cool

My boy always picks these for his ice cream topper because they look so neat, then he realizes they don't taste great with certain flavors of ice cream. But candy is very much about appearance! It is part of why we like it. It just LOOKS so fascinating, we get sucked in.