Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marie Antoinette: HBIC

Need I even write about this? It is perfection, I tell you. Surrounded by beautiful French pastries in petticoats, having someone massage your feet? Actually, I don't know if she is getting her feet massaged. This movie was so visually beautiful that I learned nothing of Marie Antoinette because I wasn't paying attention to the dialogue. So let me look it up and tell you what I learned. Let's see...

Okay, if you must know, Marie Antoinette was HBIC from birth. She was born an Archduchess of Austria. Her parents were emperor/empress. I imagine you don't talk back to your parents when they are that high up, but who knows. Anyway, She married some dude ( a second cousin) at fourteen who later became the King of France. They were married at the Palace of Versailles. He gave her very little affection and had a mistress, which confuses me, because he was said to be impotent. They did not consummate their marriage until later on.

Marie took her mind off that shit with a lot of shopping for make up and clothes and gambling on horses. I am not kidding. But she was expected to lead the country in fashion, so shopping wasn't considered terrible.

Things started looking bad when the country fell into debt after the Seven Years' War and she was still spending up a storm. There were rumors her walls were covered in gold and diamonds. She also bought a really elaborate chateau and redecorated the thing, all while her country was broke. People started getting pissed and both Marie and the king started to become unpopular.

Then the French Revolution occurred. There were riots in Paris and everyone fled France- but not Marie Antoinette. She stayed to stand by her man, even though his power was taken away by the National Constituent Assembly. The royal family tried to escape Paris and were caught. People were even more pissed by that time. They were calling for their heads on a platter, and back then, they really meant it!
Monarchy ended in France and the king was put on trial for sucking so bad. He was considered ineffective, uninformed and naive. Marie Antoinette was declared guilty of treason and was executed nine months later. Damn...that is horrible! I will not go into the details because,again, this site is called Sprinkles and Puffballs!
Well, now I know the story. No wonder I didn't remember it from the movie. I will say this though- lovin' the decor and costuming on those sets! I pay much homage to Sofia Coppola for this movie- very visually stunning, girl.