Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a sucker for cute make up packaging

I am really into packaging and design. It started with breakfast cereal boxes and candy wrappers- I used to save the wrappers and put them all on my big bulletin board. I still have a big stash of Popsicle and candy wrappers from the 80's and that must have been every piece I ever ate, because my mom would only let me eat granola bars and trail mix normally. Anyhow, the love of design stayed with me and when I discovered 'candy' for women, make up, I noticed that much of the packaging was just as delightful. I get the same feeling looking at this make-up as I did my toys, erasers and stickers. Sigh. Benefit always has really cute packaging and very witty names for their products. My favorites are their blushes and bronzers that are in these cube boxes with square brushes!
Do you guys know who Tarina Tarantino is? Oh my Gosh! She is the greatest! Here is some of her make up line. I will do a separate post on her, because she is all about Hello Kitty, Barbie, Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland and sh*t. She is the coolest!

I mean, look at these colors! I die! (Rachel Zoe voice)
Too Faced is a really cute brand by two gay guys and their Chihuahua, London. This particular box o' make up looks like a dollhouse. I am telling you, they are tapping in on the fact that make up is the closest thing to toys that we have.They also have this really cute leopard print bronzer!
Chinese designer Anna Sui has a make up line with a dark look- this line is like, the goth of make up. Regardless, I find the packaging decadent and stunning. I could never throw it away after using it.
Black and purple: Lovin' it.
Pout is a cute make up line by three British chicks- They use a lot of bows and lacy looks.

Yves Saint Laurent powder blush: chiiiiic and pretttty

Lace trim on Christian Dior blush- Marvelous

I appreciate this Hard Candy packaging- it is truly packaged like candy and has a little ring for you to wear! They tapped into that feeling you get when you get a Cracker Jack prize. Kudos ladies.
When I bought my first bottle of Hard Candy I was a waitress- a broke waitress- and this shit cost a good ten bucks or so back then. But when I brushed that beautiful 1960's chalky pink onto my nails, I felt so feminine and cute, it was all worth it. So I had to steal a little rice from work for a few days because I had no money for groceries- so what?

Urban Decay strikes up images of black and purple glitter and hip punk chicks who could kick my ass. Yet somehow, they came up with some of my all-time favorite packaging with their body glitter/powders. A little leopard puff with a bow? Makes me faint it's so cute (fans self.)

HONEY! So adorable, these little boxes. I have the peppermint one and I just stare at it and play with the tassel and then put it away.

Okay, I had to show you this because I am a Smurfs fan: Smurfy make up by Too Faced!

Til next time..