Friday, May 1, 2009

Classic Children's Books

Noel Streatfeild was my favorite author once I was done with all of my Judy Blume books. She wrote about children who performed on stage in England in the 30s and 40s. Ballet Shoes was my favorite, published in 1936 followed by Movie Shoes published in 1949, below. It was a far cry from reading about stuffing your bra and getting your period.

A little Princess was the best book of all. It was written in 1905 by Frances Hodgson Burnett(who also wrote The Secret Garden, which sort of scared me.) There have been several movie versions of both books. I just took an Ambien so I am about to fall asleep in mid-typing- I should finish this later.

Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself was the first Judy Blume book I read, in about third grade. I must have re-read it 30 or 40 times as a kid. I then read all other Judy Blume books, except "Forever", which I wasn't allowed to read. I think it was banned! Anyhow, Judy Blume caused the first curse word (the "d" word!) I ever head my mother say! She said, and I quote, 'Those damn books!"

I have to include these 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books in my post,
just because they were really innovative. I felt a little out of control when I read them and preferred reality, but it was neat to see how your decisions would change the outcome of the story. I think about these books a lot when I think about life in general. What decision will effect things for better? For worse?

Until next time...