Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Love My Stuff

Can we talk about how great my pink phone is? I call people and hang up on them just so I can cradle the perfect receiver in my hand! Everything said on this phone is quite dramatic. There is something about the pink cord that just gets me! And I love seeing my husband have to use this phone when the cordless is missing. Hee!

Some junk in antique pink bowls/dishes and my little delftware houses

These are the things in my room that make me happy. The little poodles are from my grandmother's china cabinet and I always used to stare at them. The pink lamp is from my great grandmother from Italy, and it is my most prized possession. The plates on the wall are just things I have picked up in local antique shops and the blue vase is from an antique shop in Sacramento. I love the color of that aqua glass and always pick up anything I see in that color.

Below is a a reverse of my favorite light blue/pink accent color combo.