Friday, April 3, 2009

Heatherette: Whoaaaa Nelly!

A Dress made of Hello Kitties?


Carebear on the head? I have to love it. And I'll have some of the shit they were smoking.

Lotttsss of puffballs: I approve

I fuckin love Heatherette. I always have. I know, I know. They have outfitted Paris Hilton(above) and Lil' Kim at times, but now they have Tinsley Mortimer and besides, they are so creative! Like a box of pink and purple crayons threw up in some glitter and plastic flowers. And I love anyone named Richie Rich because that was my favorite cartoon. Heatherette has designs that any girl of the 1980s would love, including Care Bears and unicorns. What's not to love.

Aubrey O'Day on runway, a Heatherette unicorn T-shirt

Richie Rich and Travor Rains
I saw their latest stuff and it was WAY tame (these pics are from a few years back.)
Come on guys, bring us something crazy again.